Goldboro Interpretive Centre

Goldboro/Isaac's HarbourOriginally Goldboro was named Isaac’s Harbour East alongside of Isaac’s Harbour, both named after an African Canadian man named Isaac Webb. Isaac lived on the west side of Country Harbour north of Mount Misery. He moved his family 2 miles east to the little harbour and began to clear a piece of land. There he lived in peace and harmony with his neighbors and was known for his generosity, kindness and sincerety. Ships coming in would buy food from Isaac’s farm and the crews came to know him as a friend, thus the name Isaac’s Harbour.

The centre provides a welcoming comfort and a feeling of community spirit. You can learn about the local area, past (fishing, forestry, mining and ship building) and present. (get a glimpse into the workings of the natural gas plant located 1 km away). The centre also sells refreshments for those traveling through.