Four Very Popular Canadian Breweries

When it comes to beer, Canada has some of the best beer brands in the world! Canada breweries help bring in millions of dollars each year and are a vital part of the overall Canadian economy. In fact, beer is one of the country’s most popular beverages and is consumed by a large part of the population. Today we are going to take a look at several very popular Canada breweries and the beers that they produce.

Four Popular Canadian Breweries

1. Minhas Craft Brewery: Founded by Manjit and Ravinder Minhas (siblings), both a Petroleum Engineers from Calgary. Minhas Brewery is the one of the oldest and the largest brewery in Calgary. One of its most popular products is the Boxer beer which has interesting variants including Apple Ale, Watermelon and Hard Root Beer. Boxer beer also comes in a gluten free variation.

2. Granville Island Brewing Company: One of Canada’s most beloved beer manufactures, Granville Island Brewing Company has been in service since 1984. This company is known for its large selection of small batch brews. They also have several larger batch beers which includes English Bay pale ale, a national and local favorite.

3. Alexander Keith’s Brewery: This is one of the oldest Canadian breweries still in operation. Founded in 1820, Alexander Keith’s Brewery is very popular not only in Canada but also the United States! This company specializes in India Pale Ale and offers a wide selection of beers. One of their best brews is Alexander Keith’s and is offered in both Canada and America.

4. Moosehead Brewery: This list would not be complete without mentioning Moosehead Brewery. This company is Canada’s oldest independent brewery which makes it the pride of the country. Many people around the world enjoy beer produced by this company and it has won gold at the World Beer Cup! One of the most famous brands is Moosehead Lager and can be found all over the country.