Communities Along The Bay Interpretive Centre

Communities Along the Bay
Charlos Cove ParkThe first permanent settlers reached the area in 1790. These hardy Acadians sustained themselves by their harvest from the sea.

In 1799 and 1800 several Acadian families petitioned for land surrounding Tor Bay in the communities of Larry’s River, Charles Cove and Port Felix. The names on the petitions are names that are still common in the area today; Boudreau, David, Mannette, Pellerin, Petitpas, Richard and Roi. The community of Charles Cove is named after one of its early inhabitants, Charles Richard, who was the first Acadian to petition for land in this community in 1799. They had likely chosen this land because it was remote, and isolated from their British enemies. As well, as the land was of poor quality for agriculture, it was not sought after by the Loyalists.

Communities Along The Bay Interpretive Centre
Interpretive CentreHeritage Photos and Archives on display.

The Tor Bay Acadian Society uses our facility during the month of August for their annual celebrations “Festival Savalette” and these celebrations appear to be growing in numbers every year.

Address: Route 316 Larry’s River